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At Dr Soon Obstetric & Gynaecology Clinic in Miri, Sarawak, Dr. Soon Khai Cherng is a verified and certified doctor who provides the best in terms of modest pricing services for your Aesthetic and Anti-Aging treatments.

Aesthetic and Anti-Aging treatment procedures and technologies like C-section Scar Removal are provided here.

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Aesthetic and Anti-Aging

C-section Scar Removal

C-section Scar Removal

If your childbirth was done via a Caesarean section (C-sec), you may have a C-sec scar left on your abdomen. This scar can be very visible or they can sometimes fade out, but they rarely disappear. But it is possible to remove the scar via laser treatments. Laser treatments can reduce the size of blood vessels on the scar, causing the colour of the scar to fade and also flatten, returning your abdomen skin to its original aesthetic appearance.